Who We Are

Festive, Fair, and Fun!

Let's have fun! Since 1998, Virginia Toy and Novelty Company is a leading designer, developer, importer and distributor of toy, party, and impulse novelty goods around the world.

We are industry experts who not only have our finger on the pulse, but we create the pulse, which allows us to drive demand, increase revenues, and transform people.

We are fresh, quick to market and offer outstanding solutions to customers!

The culture here stems from our 4 Core Values:

  • Attitude is Everything - Be positive and professional. Don't complain, but solve. Be cordial, respectful, and friendly towards colleagues and customers. Support your colleagues in their individual and the entire company vision.
  • WOW Work Ethic - WOW meaning we are exceptional in our work ethic which makes a noticeable difference. Be fair, operate with a sense of urgency, always be learning, initiate individual and team activities, become an expert, be reliable, and take ownership.
  • Creativity - Generate unique solutions for customers. Collaborate together and create ideas to win the sale and support the vision. Be innovative. Think outside the box.
  • Have Fun! - Wear our products, experience the fun, be festive to create a sense of community internally and with our customers. Celebrate wins!

What We Do

We transform people! What does that mean? We make fun environments, more fun! Whether it's the largest festival in the world, a family backyard picnic, or an evening at a great theme park, we help make it amazing! We can make your event come to life or generate more revenue for your business. Although we wholesale to some of the world's top theme parks, festivals, concerts and retailers, there is no minimum order on our website so you can buy exactly what you need. Our success is through the combination of quality products, fair prices, and outstanding attention to detail with our customer service.

Here are some of the places you can find our products:

We also partner with some of the best brands in the world. Our experience in product development includes these fine brands.

Where We Are

Our office and warehouse are located in beautiful Virginia Beach, Virginia. You are welcome to visit, but an appointment is preferred. You can always pick up your order, at any time, if you're in the area. Just give us the heads up so we have your order ready! Our address is 5823 Ward Ct, Virginia Beach, VA 23455. You can call our office at (757) 313-7000. Our toll-free number is (866) 708-TOYS. Our fax number is (757) 313-7007. Do people still fax?

Why The Purple?

Great question! Have a look at our blog post which will tell you all about it.

Interesting Fact:

November 2008, VTN helped the Make a Wish Foundation break a Guinness World Record for the largest image made of LED lights by providing 26,981 Light-up Candle Lights for the event. The record has since been broken but, the image was of Donald Duck and took place in Ireland!

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