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5LLB19   5 Inch Butterfly LED Lantern
5LLZ19   5 Inch Zebra LED Lantern
2020GFT   A gift for you!
10AA   AA Battery (each)
10AAA   AAA Battery (each)
10AG13   AG13 Battery (each)
18AR1A   Augmented Reality Gun (each)
27EL2PL   Black Frame EL Wire Glasses - Purple (each)
18LBBRP   BoBo Balloon Replacement (each) (balloon only)
24LUS8PK   Cloth LED Shoes - Pink (Women's size 8) (pair)
24LUS7PK   Cloth LED Shoes - Pink (Womens size 7) (pair)
19RFW2   Control Box (White) Rental
10CR2016   CR2016 Battery (each)
12BT1RFDW   Dollywood RF Baton
12SW2   Double End Laser Sword w/ Impact Chip (each)
27EA1M   Flashing Diamond Studs - Multicolor (pair)
27EA1WH   Flashing Diamond Studs - White (pair)
20FF1M   Flashing Flower Headband - Multicolor (each)
16INLPH1   Flashing Inflatable Pirate Hook (each)
12FD1A   Flashing Twirl Baton (each)
12ET1GH   Ghost Etched Wand (each)
43INS19   Insect Bracelet - Beetle
21LA18   Jumbo Drop Necklace - Dollar Sign (each)
21LA2PW   Jumbo Drop Necklace - Paw Print (each)
32AL2HO   Laser Lamp - Horse (each)
27EA2A   LED Earring - 2 Pack (each)
24LUM12BK   LED Shoes - Black (Men's Size 12) (pair)
20RHC1A   Light Up Reindeer Headband - Assorted (each)
18KG1M   Light Up Kendama Game - Multicolor (each)
20UN3NW   Light Up Unicorn Headband (each)
21LA1MA   Mako Shark Lanyard (each)
20HSRF1   Methanol Free/FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer - No Rinse (16.9 oz) - case of 24 bottles
17MY1A   Mystery Box (each)
20NBOPK   Noodle Bopper Pink (each)
20FBW1A   Polka Dot Fabric Bow Headband - Assorted (Each)
20RHB3R   Red Light Up Reindeer Headband (each)
43SSL04   Sea Shell Bracelet- Black
22TL2SK   Shrek DreamWorks Waterproof Bracelet
12RFSW1   Single Mode - Gold Ball Sword (25 packs)
WG12BW1SK   Skull Bobble Wand (12 Piece PDQ)
12BW1SK   Skull Bobble Wand (each)
20SAN1   Snowflake Print Santa Hat (each)
13JG1M   Soda Glass 12oz - Multicolor (each)
SHIP   Special shipping note: due to unusual circumstances, shipping times may be delayed. We estimate shipping with 1-3 weeks from the date of a confirmed order. We will make all efforts to expedite any shipment and apologize in advance for any delays.
18FS2LPDQ   Spinz Flashing Fidget Spinner - The Comet 10 displays of 12 pieces
18FS2LMT   Spinz Metallic Chrome & Gold Flashing Fidget Spinner 10 displays of 12 pieces
18FS2BA   Spinz Metallic Gotham Bat Flashing Fidget Spinner 10 displays of 12 pieces
29WTD18   T-Rex Udoit Wind Up (each)
22TL2ATR   Trolls DreamWorks Waterproof Bracelet
WG20UN1A   Unicorn Headband with Hair (each)
catalog   Virginia Toy & Novelty Catalog
29VM1A   Voomerang (25 Pieces)
WG29VM1A   Voomerang - 3 Pack Blister card
PROMO2   VTN Bracelets - WeGlow Glow Sticks
22WL1PR   Watchlet - Pirate (each)
22WL1SL   Watchlet - Sea Life (each)
22WL1ZO   Watchlet - Zoo (each)
WG23CS12   WeGlow - Flashing Gummi Ring Pack of 12
11L61O   WeGlow 6 inch LightSticks - Orange (50 Pieces)
11L61PL   WeGlow 6 inch LightSticks - Purple (50 Pieces)
11L61W   WeGlow 6 inch LightSticks - White (50 Pieces)
WG23CS2   WeGlow Flashing Gummi Rings - Assorted (24pc PDQ)
WG25LD2   WeGlow Flashing Teeth (12pc PDQ)
11GL2A   WeGlow Glow Lanterns (each)
11N11A   WeGlow Glow Necklaces - Assorted (50 Pieces)
11N11B   WeGlow Glow Necklaces - Blue (50 Pieces)
WG27SG1A   WeGlow Light up Shutter Shades (12pc PDQ)
WGPFB11   WeGlow Party Kit - Girls Night Out! (pack for 8)
WG12SAL2M   WeGlow Scrambler Wands (12pc PDQ)
WGP8T   WeGlow Table Cloths (each)
WGP8TBH   WeGlow Table Cloths - Girls Night Out (each)
18DBW2A   WeGlow Twist Double Bubble Wand - 48 pcs
WG99F1   WeGlow Ware Fork (25 Pieces)
WG99FB1   WeGlow Ware Girl's Night Out Fork (25 pieces)
WG99FH1   WeGlow Ware Halloween Fork (25 pieces)

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