We help you grow your business!

How? For those customers who buy our products and resell to others, there are special programs for you. These programs are in the form of special pricing and incentives. Wholesale glow and wholesale toys is among our specialties.

To qualify as a reseller, each order you place must be $1,500 or greater. However, certain customers only make one or two large purchases per year and there are additional programs available for that as well.

Some of our reseller customers vend merchandise at Roller Skating Rinks, Festivals, Parties, Concerts, Amusement Parks, and beyond. Wherever you may choose to resell our goods, we can help with best practices and ideas to make you more successful.

Any reseller will also get sneak previews on our newest products before anyone else and can pre-order special variations of merchandise to your needs. For example, a high school may ask for a headband in school colors to challenge their rival at the upcoming big game. These headbands can be special made at a special price because they are reselling at the school store or as an organization fundraiser. Another example is a web site owner who sells our merchandise on their website could get sneak previews of the products to get their own customers sales a few weeks in advance.

To check on these programs, please call in and talk with one of our sales reps. They can help you put together your order and review the special pricing programs for you. To many, we are their little secret to success.

Call 1-866-708-TOYS for details today.